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Over 800 race tracks have operated in Canada over the years and they're listed here.

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Here is why the history part of the site has not been updated in years:

I took on a large research and writing project that has taken five years to complete. The Ontario Regiment (RCAC) is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. I have written the official Regimental history and it is now available. Visit the Ontario Regiment Museum at 1000 Stevenson Road North in Oshawa during Museum hours to purchase a copy. See here: www.ontrmuseum.ca/contacts.htm

The book is 320 pages and includes a large number of photographs, maps and line drawings.

Brighton Speedway - April 30, 2016

Check back on May 1 for photos from the 2016 season opener

Brighton Speedway Photos

CanadianRacer.com has been the official track photographer at Brighton Speedway since the 2009 season.

All the Brighton photos on this site are available for sale

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Ghost Track - Golden Lake Speedway

The History of Western Speedway by Lois Pollard-Grant

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