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Brighton Speedway - May 19, 2019


Brighton Speedway - May 11, 2019

After a rain-out on May 4 we got the 2019 season underway with Brighton's six classes.

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Junior Stinger
Senior Stinger
Thunder Stock
Canadian Modified
Late Model


Updates - Winter 2018-19

I have been making some updates to the site this winter. There have been some updates to track database entries (too many to note) and I've added quite a few photos.

March 29, 2019: There are now 892 tracks listed in the database and of those, 67% have map locations. I suspect I am nearing the reasonable limit for how many tracks I will be able to find maps. Some of the tracks will never be located. Thanks are in order for the work that Kyle Rizok has posted on some Facebook pages and for the Quebec research done by Pascal 'Magnum' Côté and his friends at http://www.stockcarquebec.ca. Here is the provincial breakdown:

Total Tracks Tracks with Maps







































Feb 10, 2019:
I have added Google maps locations for about 25% of the tracks in the track database. My main focus has been on Ontario, the Territories and the Maritimes. See Speedway Park in Concord, ON for an example. There are still some missing from these provinces and I will continue to research them and update the site. I will add Quebec and the western provinces soon.

Bob Lawless sent me several Kingston Speedway photos. The Toronto Star Archive is available through the Toronto Public Library site and can be used for educational and research purposes. I have also found some photos that people sent me over the years and got lost in my computer.

The following track database entries have had some photos added: Abbotsford Airfield, Airdrie Airport, Barrie Speedway, Central Canada Exhibition, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, CNE Speedway, Hamilton street circuit, Hastings Park, Le Circuit Mont Tremblant, Minoru Park, Mosport, Mountain Speedway, Nilestown Speedway, Pinecrest Speedway, Quinte Dragway, Shepard Raceways, Skydome, Speedway Park (Stoney Creek), St. Thomas Raceway, Sundance Speedway, Toronto Indy, Toronto Motorsports Park, and Windsor Motor Speedway.

I have also been going through the University of Toronto's 1954 aerial database and added aerial photos for the following tracks: Ailsa Craig Raceway, Ascot Park Speedway, Bluewater Speedway, Bridgeport Speedway, Meadow Park Speedway, Oshawa Motor Raceway, Pinecrest Speedway, Pleasure Valley Speedway, Sarnia-Glendale Speedway, Shannonville Speedway, Speedway Park (Concord), Stratford Speedway, St. Thomas Raceway, Sun Valley Speedway, Teviotdale Speedway, Tilbury Speedway and Warwick Raceway.


Site Updates: Late 2017, early 2018

I was able to put aside my military history writing for a while to finally get back to updating the history part of this site in the fall and winter of 2017-2018.

March 13, 2018:
Another update of the track database - lots of changes. I have also changed the database from Access to MySQL, which I hope will fix the slowness issue.

March 3, 2018: Added a Shearing Speedway program cover and photos for Oakwood Speedway, Richelieu Park, Langford Speedway and Peterborough Speedway.

December 21, 2017: Photos added for Davidson Airport.

December 20, 2017: Photos added for Lansdowne Speedway, Saratoga Speedway (QC) and Murillo Speedway.

December 13, 2017: The track database has finally been updated after about five years! There are more changes that I can cover here. Several tracks closed, some name changes, lots of facts updated and even some new entries. Also added were photos for Orillia Speedway, photo and program for Beamishill Speedway, photos for CNE Speedway, Edmonton Exhibition, Brighton Speedway (paved), Seymour Speedway, Mosport Speedway and Tweed Speedway.

November 29, 2017: The first update is to change how the historic photos appear. They are now a Facebook-style browser, the same as I changed the Brighton Speedway galleries prior to the 2017 season. While doing this update I took the time to add photos for Wasaga Beach Speedway, Aylmer Fairgrounds and Speedway Park (Concord, ON).


Brighton Speedway Photos

CanadianRacer.com has been the official track photographer at Brighton Speedway since the 2009 season.

All the Brighton photos on this site are available for sale.

Photos page for previous years

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Ghost Track - Golden Lake Speedway

The History of Western Speedway by Lois Pollard-Grant

Site Updates

Site Updates

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