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Ghost Tracks - Acton Speedway
1/4 mile paved oval
Located on the east side of Highway 125 (formerly highway 25), just south of Highway 124 (formerly highway 24) near Ospringe, Ontario (north of Acton and east of Guelph)

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Acton Speedway
Gary Elliott from the Canadian Vintage Modifieds sent me those photos of his mini-stock in 1969.

Gary rolls over in turn 1. Compare this shot to the turn 1-2 photos on the main page.

Gary finishes in a dead-heat with Brian Cole .

A heat win for Gary. Look at the grandstands, front wall and fence posts in the background and compare them to the photos on the main Acton page.

Bryan Rashleigh sent these photos of his brother Rod in his 1960 Ford at Acton in 1970 in the Diamond class

In the pits

Down the front straight
More Photos
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Doug MacAuley takes a Late Model victory in 1970. Photo by Vivian Shaw from Wheelspin News.

Larry Majuery hits the wall after tagging Hugh Eckrich in 1970. Photo by Bob Sutton from Wheelspin News.

Ken Daniels wins a feature in 1970. He's being awarded the trophy by Fred the Clown while starter Brian Hill holds the checkered. Photo by Bob Sutton from Wheelspin News.

Point Champions
1968 Larry Majuery -
1969 Art Sommerville Late Model
1970 Murray Wallace Late Model
1970 Larrry Majeury 6 Cylinder
1971 - -
1972 - -