Ghost Tracks - Bismark Speedway
5/8 mile dirt oval
Located on the north side of Highway 20, just east of the town of Bismark, ON

This is how Bismark Speedway looked in September of 2003. Bismark was a wide, fast, high banked dirt oval. It opened in 1976 and closed in 1980. There was also a quarter-mile oval built within the main oval.

A low berm was built along the outside of the front straight that supported grandstand seating for 1,500. The washroom building was built of concrete block with flush toilets. The washrooms must have been top quality in their day and probably better than many tracks I've been to recently. The officials' tower was built above the concession stand.

The track was built by Albert Vanderliek, who still owned the property when I visited it. The 5/8 mile oval was built first, intended for stock car racing. Local legislation held up the opening for stock cars so Mr. Vanderliek reworked the track into a 1.5 mile off-road course. Racing was held on alternate Sundays. In 1980 he gave up on the off-road racing and reformed the oval. About 6 events were held that year and the track did not re-open.

After the track closed, the family flooded the infield and it is now the home to many ducks. This area is quite popular with local bird-watchers. The track surface is gone but you can see the banking and where the track was. The grandstands are still there, although the wood is rotting and the scrub is growing through. The washroom building still stands, along with the spectator fence, the starter's stand and the officials' tower/concession stand.

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Webmaster's Update:
Mr. Vanderliek passed away in February, 2007.

Officials' tower and concession stand

Starter's stand

Officials' tower and concession stand

Most of the grandstands are still there


Standing where the retaining wall would have been, looking at the front straight

Looking down the front straight toward turn 1

Standing on the banking of turn 1

Officials' tower and concession stand