Ghost Tracks - Cedar Mills International Speedway
1/4 mile paved oval
St. Stephen, NB

More on Cedar Mills

This is how Cedar Mills International Speedway looked in May, 2004 when Ernie Pothier visited it. Cedar Mills is located near St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

The track opened in the fall of 1990 as a dirt track. The track ran May and June of 1991 as a dirt track as well and then in July the track was paved. The corners were banked at 10 degrees. Cedar Mills ran various classes in its short history including Stocks, Super Stocks, Super Street, Modified Sportsman and Mini-Stocks. It closed in 1995. The pit area was located behind the back straight with entrance to the track from the pits at turn 3. The owners of Cedar Mills were John and Yves Dufour.

As you can see Cedar Mills is the classic ghost track - pavement cracked, weeds and brush growing everywhere, grandstands collapsing, etc. The decline seems quite rapid in this case as the track closed about the same time as Petty Raceway. Ernie noted that the pit area was strewn with car parts and some of the signs marking pit stalls were still there.

If anyone has any more information on Cedar Mills International Speedway - photos, programs, points champions, years in use, etc please contact me

A lap Around Cedar Mills International Speedway

Down the front straight toward turn 1

Turn 1 - 2

Looking into turn 2

Coming out of turn 2 and looking down the back straight

Looking into turn 4 from turn 3


Coming out of turn 4 and looking down the front straight

More Photos

Grandstands and control tower

Spectator ticket booth

Concession truck

The Pit entrance booth

The starter's stand

Starter's stand and overall view

Grandstands and control tower

Looking back into turn 4 from the front straight

Looking back down the back straight from turn 3

Looking back up the front straight from turn 1

Entrance to the track from the pits