Ghost Tracks - Danny's Speed Bowl
1/4 mile paved oval
Bathurst, NB

This is how Danny's Speed Bowl looked in June, 2004 when Ernie Pothier visited it.

Danny's opened in 1967 and closed at the end of the 1984 season. Like many tracks in the Maritimes, Ernie MacLean was the promoter at one time. It was owned by Robert DeGrace in the later years. Mark Dumaresq was the promoter in 1984.

The track used the promotional tag of "The Action Track of the East" and raced Saturday nights. The pits were located behind the back straight.

As can be seen from the photos, the track is very overgrown with fairly large trees growing through the track surface. Ernie found a lot of car parts in the pit area, some lighting, remains of a pit shack and spectator concessions and possible parts of the grandstand.

If anyone has any more information on Danny's Speed Bowl - photos, programs, points champions, years in use, etc please contact me

A lap Around Danny's Speed Bowl

Looking into turn 1 at the end of the front straight

Mid-way through turn 1-2

Turn 2

Exit of turn 2

Looking down the back straight

Entrance to turn 3

Turn 3

Turn 3-4

Turn 4 - note the race tire on the track

Looking up the front straight from turn 4

More Photos

Start-finish line

Looking back up the front straight from the entrance of turn 1

Looking back into turn 2 from the start of the front straight

Looking back into turn 4 from the front straight

Looking back onto the back straight from turn 3

Middle of turn 3-4 from outside the track