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Canadian Motorsports Expo
Toronto Congress Centre - April 6-8, 2007

Steve Tzountzouris, Formula Ford 1600 Bridgestone Racing Academy F2000 Shane McGlynn, Ontario Sportsman Series

Graham Dewhurst, Formula 4 Graham Dewhurst, Formula 4 Dave Thorndyke, Mosport 6 or Less Todd Delisle, Mosport Limited Late Model

Mark Gordon, Mosport Limited Late Model Cliff Daley, Canadian Touring Car Championship Nigel Krikorian, Canadian Touring Car Championship David Empringham's Toyota Atlantic from the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame J. Lynch, Formula Ford 1600

Nick Majors, Ice Racer Al Balinsky, CASC-OR GTB Andy Wojteczko, CASC-OR Tim Forbes, Pro-Challenge

Shane Gowan, Flamboro Late Model Rob de Haan, Pro Challenge Kent Nuhn, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Shane Jantzi, Indy Pro Series

Jamie Horner, Mosport Limited Late Model