Ghost Tracks - Havre Boucher Speedwway
1/5 mile paved oval
Havre Boucher, NS

This is how Havre Boucher Speedway looked in the April, 2005 when Forrest Jenkins visited the site.

The track operated opened on June 25, 1967 and closed around 1969. The track was built by Bill Digdon and the first promoter was Ernie McLean. Pat Hearn became promoter near the end of the track's life.

If anyone has any more information on Havre Boucher Speedway - photos, programs, points champions, years in use, etc please contact me

A Lap Around Havre Boucher Speedway

Standing at the start / finish line looking toward turn 1

Turn 1

Turn 2

At the exit of turn 2, looking down the back straight

Going into turn 3

Turn 4

At the exit of turn 4 looking down the front straight



More Photos

Start / finish line

A piece of wall near the start / finish line. Turn 1 is in the background

At the start / finish line looking back up the front straight toward turn 4

On the back straight looking back toward turn 2

Panoramic shot - front straight in the foreground. There is a pond in the infield