Ghost Tracks - Langley Speedway (AKA Action Raceway)
3/8 mile paved oval
Langley, BC

Langley Speedway, like Pinecrest in Ontario, is one of those legendary tracks that closed before its time and one that fans never forget. Bud Bussiere is a long-time Langley fan who visited the track in the spring of 2005 and sent these photos.

Langley opened in 1965, under original owner Craig Frazer. In 1969 the Vancouver-Fraser Park District (now the Greater Vancouver Regional District) bought up land with the intent to create a park. The land also included Langley Speedway. Frazer obtained a 10-year lease and continued to run the track until Gordon Hemrich took over in 1977.

After the 10-year lease expired in 1979 the track came under increasing pressure from the City of Vancouver. The lease periods became shorter and shorter with each renewal and there were more restrictions on numbers of dates, hours of operation, etc. The Lower Mainland Oval Racing Association took over operation of the track in 1980 and changed the name to Action Raceway. Finally, at the end of the 1984 season, the lease was not renewed.

A wide variety of cars ran at Langley over the years. In the 1960's there were Early Late Models, "A" Modifeds, "B" Modifieds and "C" Modifieds. During the 1970's there were Limited Super Stocks, Claimers, Open Competition and Modified Sportsman. In the final years there were Late Models, Super Stocks, Street Stocks and Bombers.

Numerous touring series also stopped at Langley. The NASCAR Winston West Series appeared a number of times. Hershel McGriff won the 150 lap races in 1971 and 1972, Ron Eaton won the 100 lapper in 1978 and there was another race on July 18, 1981. The NASCAR Late Model Sportsman series appeared regularly in the mid-1970's. There were also Canadian American Modified Racing Association (CAMRA) events and the International Drivers' Challenge (IDC),

As can be seen in the photos below, the track surface is in great shape and the front wall is still standing. The grandstands were built into the hill that over-looks the front straight. The stairways are still there but the grandstand itself is gone. The pits were located in the infield but nothing remains. The infield has been cleaned up and re-sodded.

The track is located in the Campbell Valley Park and is accesible to anyone. Click on the map to see the location.

If anyone has any more information on Langley Speedway - photos, programs, points champions, etc please contact me

Langley Speedway - 2005
Photos are courtesy of Bud Bussiere

At the end of turn 3 looking across the track at the front straight.

Between turn 3 and 4

Coming out of turn 4


In turn 2 looking toward the back straight

Langley Speedway - February, 2006
Photos are courtesy of Bud Bussiere, unless otherwise noted

At the end of the front straight

The grandstands were on this hill. The stairs are still there.

On the front straight looking back toward turn 4


Back straight

The spectator hill

The entrance to the track from outside. This is on the back straight.

In turn 3-4 looking toward the front straight.

Standing in turn 3 looking toward turn 1-2

Standing in turn 3 looking toward turn 1-2

Photo courtesy of Randy Kain

Langley Speedway
Photos are courtesy of Bud Bussiere


Doug Firth #2


#41 Dave Willison, #56 Steve Lengert, #69 Dwayne Doell, #15 Tony Kaest - Hobby Stock Trophy Dash

Earl Wutke, 1980's

Lee Bailey, Open Comp Class, 1980's



Bob Fox

Scott Morgan, Super Stock

#26 Bill Fietje, #48 Harold Oliver - Hobby Stocks

#94 Dennis Lester, #33 Gordie Hemrich, #25 Herman Scheurman

Garret Evans, Open Comp

Roy Bloomenhagen, #86 Tom Berrow - 1980's

1971, Early-Late shown with owner Gerry Carleton (in cowboy hat), driver Dave Dixon (standing) and Harold Oliver

Larry Phillips, mid-1970's

John Elliott, Jr

Herschel McGriff, NASCAR Winston West, 1971

NASCAR Winston West, 1971

IDC Race, 1971, Roy Smith #7

Tom Sneva, IDC Race, 1971

Gordie Hemrich

Langley Speedway
Photos are courtesy of Shawn Lawler

Ron Eaton, mid-1970's


Larry Pollard, mid-1970's

Ron Eaton

George Benson

Langley Speedway
Photos are courtesy of Teri

Early Late, 1967, driven by Berk Lockwood

Early Late, 1970, owned by Terry and/or Larry Worsfold

1974 or 1975, Super stock in the pits by the pit concession owned/driven by Tom Berrows

1977, Super Stock owned by Stan Schmidt and being driven by "Black" Jack Cross coming out of corner #2

1975, corner #2, Super Stock trophy dash. #28 John Rothwell, #29 Al Mullet, #27 Jim McMillan, # 33 Gordy Hemrich

1967, Early-lates

1975, Claimers in corner #1, car #48 Harold Oliver, car #45 Alan Kennedy.

Langley Speedway
Photos are courtesy of John Peter

Barry Chamberlain

Barry Chamberlain

Langley Speedway - All photos are of Henry Braun in the Early Late Class
Photos are courtesy of Randy Kain

Langley Speedway - All photos are of Will Norton and Richard Pellerinin the Early Late Class, 1971
Photos are courtesy of Will Norton

Langley Speedway - Mid 1960's
Photos are courtesy of Barry Regan, Jr

Tom Edwards

#91 Ron Morrison, #57 Barrie Regan

Barrie Regan

Langley Speedway - 1960's
Photos are courtesy of Carl Jacques

Jack Cross

Brian Thompson

Ken Marwood

Doug Firth

Wayne Wilbey

#11 Dave Angus

#2 Doug Firth, #4 Lloyd Bellamy, #10 Bob Baker

Langley Speedway in 2005
Thanks to Tom Johnston

Satellite photo