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Alberta Race Car Association Organizes road racing at Race City Motorsports Park in Calgary
ASN Canada The FIA has delegated the Sporting authority to ASN Canada FIA which governs amateur and professional motorsport in Canada
Atlantic Region Motor Sports The governing body of Amateur Motor Sport within Atlantic Canada appointed by ASN Canada FIA
Bluenose Autosport Club Organizing club for events which are held at Atlantic Motorsport Park
BMW Club
British Autombile Racing Club (BARC) Organize events at the Mosport road course
British Empire Motor Club Ontario-based club that organizes races at the Mosport road course
Calgary Sports Car Club Organization and promotion of motorsports events in Southern Alberta since 1954. Events include grass roots to national championship rallies, solo events and road racing
Canadian Automobile Sport Car Clubs - Ontario Region (CASC-OR) Organization is made up of 27 Ontario Automobile Clubs, who are interested in being members of the official motorsports body that is directly affiliated to the Federation Internationale de l’ Automobiles (FIA)
Canadian Automotive Collection & Museum/Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame Canada's Home of Speed and our Heroes
Canadian Race Communications Association Ontario-based race marshalling club
Canadian Timing Association Provides Timing and Scoring services to many racing events in Ontario at such tracks as Mosport, Shannonville, Calabogie, and Toronto.
Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs Organization that sanctions and regulates amateur auto sport events in British Columbia
FSAQ Organizing body for amateur racing in Quebec
L'Association des signaleurs de la région du Québec Quebec marshalling group
Medstat Emergency Medical and Transfer Services
Mosport Kart Club Kart racing club at Mosport International Raceway.
Motorsport & Emergency Turnworkers' Association The flaggers, communications, and emergency response for races organized by the SCCBC, based at Rivers Edge Raceway, Mission BC.
Motorsport Club of Ottawa A on-profit group founded in 1949 and one of the founding members of the Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs (CASC), is affiliated with the national motorsport organizing body - Automobile Sportif Nationale (ASN) Canada FIA Inc. - through the Ontario Region (CASC-OR). For Road Racing, Solo I, Solo II activities, The Motorsport Club of Ottawa is affiliated to ASN Canada FIA through CASC-OR
Motorsport Emergency & Turnworker Association BC based marshalling group
Motorsport Marshalling Services Provide flagging, communications, and first-response emergency services at motor racing events
New Brunswick Sporting Car Club Regional club organizing racing events throught the Maritimes.
Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racers · ONDR Vintage drag race association for pre-1972 cars that fit the nostalgia hot rod, drag car or super stock class.
Ontario Off Road Racing Association Promoting the sport of off road racing in Ontario. From stock tough trucks to 600 horsepower trucks or buggies with 20" of wheel travel, we have it all!
Race Medical Ontario Race Physicians, Safety Team (O.R.P.) is a non-profit group of Medical, Fighters and Safety personnel who combine an interest in racing with a dedication to improve and maintain safety and medical care to participants, race officials and spectators alike
Sports Car Club of British Columbia
Targa Newfoundland The Ultimate Motorsports Adventure
Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame Dedicated to the history of auto racing from the 1920's to present on Vancouver Island.
Vintage Racing Club of British Columbia Restore, race and exchange information concerning vintage sports and racing automobiles
Western Canada Motorsports Association
Winnipeg Sports Car Club Organizes amateur racing in the Winnipeg area