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Speedorama London
Progress Building, Western Fairgrounds, London - Mar 27-29, 2005

Ernie Pothier, a frequent contributor to CanadianRacer.com, travelled to London on the weekend of March 27-29 and took these photos of the stock cars on display at the Speedorama show.

These photos are copyright of Ernie Pothier and are being used by CanadianRacer.com with his permission.

Shane Thompson - JCAR

Rob Lickman - Enduro

Peter Gibbons - CASCAR Super Series

Peter Gibbons - CASCAR Super Series

Marc Jacobs - JCAR

Jeff Showler - Truck

Jay Doerr - Late Model

Jamie Cox - Modified

Ian Hunter - Microsprint

Frank Rondinelli -Truck

Frank Rondinelli - Late Model

Dave Stewart - Late Model

Dave Silverthorn - Street Stock

Dave Sharpe - JCAR Truck

Dave Lawrence - Street Stock

Darrell Porter - Truck

Darrell Lake - Street Stock

Cory Moesker - JCAR Truck

Cory Moesker - JCAR Truck

Brian Welch - Buckeye Super Sprint

Brad Pegg

Bill Lovie - Truck

Andrew Thompson - LM

South Buxton Speedway show car