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Ontario Sportsman Series - Inaugral Event
Mosport Speedway - June 16, 2007

The new Ontario Sportsman Series held its inaugral event at Mosport Speedway on June 16, 2007. The creation of OSS was spearheaded by driver Ron Lethbridge, his father Ted and Sunset Speedway owner Glenn Lloyd. This was a result of NASCAR purchasing CASCAR over the off-season and NASCAR's decision to discontinue the CASCAR Sportsman Series.

The night consisted of a 50-lap feature and 30-lap feature that started with the inverse of the finishing order of the first race. Steve Robblee won the first race which went caution-free. Shawn McGlynn took the second feature.

Drivers at Mosport
00 Billy Innes
27 Matt Robblee
28 Steve Robblee
36 Al Lebert
43 Bob Merrifield
66 Josh Wood
71 Dave Didero
72 Ashley Taws
80 Mike Hryniuk
81 Shawn McGlynn
82 Dave Connelly
86 Ken Forth
95 Ron Lethbridge