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2006 Pre-Season News

The racing season is kicking-off across the country so it's time for CanadianRacer.com's annual round-up of news from the off-season. As far as I know, no tracks have closed this year but there are no truly new facilties either. That's not to say that there isn't any news this year. A few tracks have been saved from a uncertain future and more have had major upgrades over the winter.

The closest thing to a new track is the new Bridge City Speedway in Saskatoon that will be opening this year, replacing the old Bridge City Speedway that has existed since 1972. The Saskatoon Stock Racing Association (SSCRA), the group that runs the speedway, had been advised in 1999 that the City of Saskatoon intended to annex the property due to the growth of the City of Saskatoon.The SSCRA began the search for a new location for their track. Land was found and purchased in 2004 and construction began in April of 2005. The new track opens on June 30, 2006. Kudos to the SSCRA for being so proactive and keeping racing alive in the Saskatoon area. For more info on the new track see the website at :

Ottodrome International Speedway in Ottawa was sold over the winter to the Drummond family who have hired Arnie Malcom as the promoter. Malcom is also the promoter at Luskville Dragway. The track was immediately renamed to its original name, Capital City Speedway. Announcements started flowing right away and things are looking up for race fans in Ottawa. There was a fear in late 2005 that the track may not reopen this year. See the track's web site for all the details: www.capitalcityspeedway.ca.

There are big changes happening at Riverside Speedway in Antigonish, NS. Original owner John Chisholm bought the track from the family of Eric Van'Daalen. Van'Daalen had passed away in December of 2004. The track did not run weekly in 2005 and only hosted two events from the Maritime Pro Stock Association. Chisholm is making major renovations including replacing the guardrails with concrete walls, resurfacing the track, old granstands torn down and replaced with a new one that will hold 7000 specatators, new lighting, new washrooms and new concessions. The much improved facility should be ready in August.

It seems very quiet at Cayuga 2000 Speedway in Nelles Corners, ON. Their web site has not been updated since the late summer of 2005. CASCAR is showing an event there on September 2-3 but that is the only event that I've heard of for 2006. I sent an e-mail to the address on the web site but it was never answered. Norris McDonald stated in the Toronto Star on April 29, that there were strong rumours of the track being sold.

It was also a very quiet off-season around Race City Speedway in Calgary. Track owner Art MacKenzie had decided to stop managing the track himself and instead lease out the facility for this year. The news was finally announced in early April that the facility was being leased by Rome Awde for 2006. All three tracks will be in operation - the drag strip, oval and road course. Awde may purchase Race City in the future. The Race City web site has finally been updated: http://www.racecity.com.

It appears that Onslow Speedway in Nova Scotia will not be re-opening. There had been rumours of this for the last two seasons but now their web site is down and the rumours have gone away.

Brockville Ontario Speedway has switched to Saturday night for 2006.

Delaware Speedway, near London, Ontario, has dropped NASCAR sanctioning.

Victory Lane Speedway, near Winnipeg has completely ripped out its old, wooden grandstands and replaced them with a new concrete and aluminum one. There is also a new pit area. See the photos here: http://www.victorylane.mb.ca/updates.htm.

Budweiser Motorsports Park in Edmonton has been renamed Castrol Raceway. Their website states that a 2.7 km road course is now under construction. See their website for all the latest updates at: http://www.castrolraceway.com/.

Thunder Mountain Speedway in Williams Lake, BC has improved their pit area by regrading and enlargening it. They have also built a new campground.

Autodrome Drummond
in Drummondville, Quebec appears to have had some major renovations over the winter. Since my French is not very good, have a look at their site: http://www.autodrome-drummond.com/photos/renov/index.php.

There are no new developments in the road course area. Active Mountain Raceway, near Merritt, British Columbia appears to be on hold. Their web site is now mostly blank.

Calabogie Motorsport Park, located in the Calabogie region of Ontario, about an hour west of Ottawa is also experiencing roadblocks in getting opened. Local opposition has put a hold on things for now. For more information see the Calabogie Motorsport Park web site.

Last year I reported on Millennium Motor Speedway and like the other road course projects, it hasn't progressed any further since this time last year. The track is being developed by RM Racing Group and they are currently working on funding for the 2.5 mile road course. The site is located each of Cache Creek, about 45 minutes west of Kamloops. Follow their progress at their website: http://www.millenniummotorspeedway.com.

A multi-track facility is scheduled to begin construction in Saskatchewan. Cupar International Raceway will be located near the town of Cupar. Construction of a 1/4 mile drag strip was to have begun in May, 2005 with a 1/3 mile oval and road course to follow. It seems that this is group is not having any more luck than the other groups.The track has its web site going: http://racecir.tripod.com/. The news on the site indicates that they are still waiting for all the approvals.