Ghost Tracks - Shannonville Raceway
Shannonville, ON
1/3 mile dirt oval

This is how Shannonville Raceway looked in April, 2005.

The is the second oval track in the immediate area with the "Shannonville" name. The earlier track was right next door and operated on-and-off from possibly as early as the late 1940's and up to the early 1970's. The current Shannonville Motorsports Park road course is built on top of it.

The track in these photos was opened in 1979. It was built by Harry McCluney, who had originally owned the land with three other partners since 1974, with the intention of building a road course and oval. Eventually the partners went their separate ways and John Nelson, one of the original owners, built the road course which is immediately adjacent to the oval. In the photos below, the green and white buildings are from the road course.

Despite the similiar names between the road course and oval, there was no common ownership. McCluney's
original plan was to run stock cars on Friday nights and motorcycles on Sunday afternoons. The track may have closed around 1984, as it was listed for sale in Wheelspin News. It has been used recently (around 1999-2000) for Speedway Motorcycle classes.

The grandstands are gone but the front fence and wall are still there. All the light poles and lights are still standing. The concessoin stand, complete with "Shannonville Raceway" sign, are also still there. The parking lot has been turned into a moto-cross track that appears to have been used quite recently. The pits were either in the infield, or more likely, off turn 3-4.

If anyone has any more information on Shannonville Raceway - years in operation, photos, programs, points champions, etc please contact me:

A Lap Around Shannonville Raceway

Down the front straight. The green and white building in the background is the control tower for the Shannonville Motorsports Park road course

Turn 1-2

Down the back straight

Turn 3

Turn 4

More Photos

This appears to be the concession stand

More of the concession stand

Looking back down the front straight from turn 1

A general view of the track. The light poles are still there.