Ghost Tracks - Stampede Speedway
1/4 mile dirt oval
Calgary, Alberta

This is how Stampede Speedway looked in March, 2005 when Mark Thompson visited the site.

This is the second track in the Calgary area named "Stampede Speedway". The original track opened in 1967 and was renamed Circle 8 Speedway in 1971. It closed about 1980 (there's some confusion over the date - could even be as late as 1983).

The track in these photos was built by Jody McLeod and opened in 1981. It was named after the original Stampede Speedway and most of the Circle 8 racers moved over. McLeod sold his interest in the speedway just before opening. The Stampede City Auto Racing Association ran the track until it closed in 1985. Race City Motorsports Park opened the following year. Stampede is located in the south east of Calgary, 2 blocks east of 52nd St and 50th Ave.

The track surface is still quite visible. The tire barriers on the inside of the track are still there, as well as some concrete barriers that protected the infield. Most of the infrastructure is gone - no sign of outside walls, fences, buildings or grandstands.

If anyone has any more information on Stampede Speedway - photos, programs, points champions, years in use, etc please contact me


Satellite Image