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Ghost Tracks - Standard Speedbowl
1/4 mile dirt oval
Standard, Alberta

This is how Standard Speedbowl looked in April of 2005 when Mark Thompson visited the site.

Standard operated from the 1960's until the end of the 1983 season. It ran every other Sunday afternoon in the later years with V8 Stocks, 6 Cylinder Stocks and Modifieds.

The starter's stand is still there, although it appears nearly ready to collapse. There are two sections of wall and fencing still standing - one on the front straight and one on the back. The faint outline of the track can still be seen.

If anyone has any more information on Standard Speedbowl - photos, programs, points champions, years in use, etc please contact me webmaster@motorsportscentral.com.


The starter's stand

Front straight with turn 3-4 in the background

Wall and fence on the back straight

Turn 1-2 in the foreground


Turn 1-2 in the foreground

Turn 1-2 in the foreground

Front straight