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Ghost Tracks - The Ridge Raceway
3/8 mile clay oval
Ridgetown, Ontario

If anyone has any more information on The Ridge Raceway - photos, programs, points champions, years in use, etc please contact me webmaster@motorsportscentral.com.

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Louis Thibodeau driving a '59 Ford in a Thomas photo from a 1970 Wheelspin

Ray Trudell
Early 1990's

Frank Sparks, Curtis Coulter, Brent Gibbins, Hendricks are racing out of turn 4 in the helment dash
Early 1990's

Jim Jones
Early 1990's

Frank Sparks
Early 1990's

Eugene Hoekstra
Early 1990's

Don Hendricks
Early 1990's

Early 1990's

Gord Dewale
Early 1990's

Steve Shaw, Street Stock, 1995

Ed Vaughn, Comp 4 Class


Steve Shaw sent in these photos that were taken by Bob Guyitt when the track was known as Ridgetown Raceway.

Walt Huckle

#2 Walt Spence, #17 John Reynolds

Ken Charron, 1969


Al Hughes

Al McCully

Barry Bush, 1969

Bob McKillroy

Bruce Payne


Doc Emerson, 1970

Doug Greenwood

Fred Chambers

Fred Chambers

Gary Lemesurier

Harry McIntyre

John DeWeal, 1970

John Reynolds

John Reynolds

Larry Vandeboys


Packing the track, 1969

Ron Graves

Ted Ball

Pits, 1954

Pits, 1969

Pits, 1969

Pits, 1972