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Jukasa Motor Speedway
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Nelles Corners, ON


Years in Operation: 1966-2009;2017-

Name History:
Cayuga Speedway (1966-1972)
Cayuga International Speedway (?-1985)
Cayuga Speedway (1986-1999)
Cayuga 2000 Speedway (2000-2005)
Cayuga Speedway Park (2006-2007)
Cayuga Motor Speedway (2008-2009)
Jukasa Motor Speedway (2017-)

Track Configurations:
1/2 mile dirt oval (1966-67)
5/8 mile paved oval (1968-present)
1/5 mile oval - inside the main track (1969-?)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1966Late Model Don Turner
1966Sportsman Ivan Little
1968Late Model Gene Fuller
1968Modified Sportsman Chuck Boos
1969Can-Am Midget
1969Late Model Ralph Book
1969Mini Stock
1969Modified Sportsman Chuck Boos
1970Can-Am Midget
1970Late Model Ralph Book
1970Mini Stock
1970Modified Sportsman Chuck Boos
1971Can-Am Midget Bruce Bolitsky
1971Late Model Super Stock Ken Reimer
1971Mini Stock Larry Anthony
1972Can-Am Midget Bruce Bolitsky
1972Late Model Super Stock Jerry Makara
1972Mini Stox Ken Daniels
1973Late Model Super Stock Jerry Makara
1973Mini Stox Randy Slack
1974Late Model Super Stock Jerry Makara
1974Mini Stox Randy Slack
1975Late Model Compact
1975Late Model Super Stock Junior Hanley
1975Mini Stox
1976Late Model Compact Bruce Greenhalgh
1976Late Model Super Stock Junior Hanley
1976Mini Stox Randy Slack
1977Late Model Compact Bruce Greenhalgh
1977Late Model Super Stock Wayne Keeling
1977Mini Stox Joe Hutton
1978Late Model Compact Bruce Greenhalgh
1978Late Model Super Stock Wayne Keeling
1978Mini Stox Joe Hutton
1979Canada Class Late Model
1979Mini Stock
1979Street Stock
1981Late Model
1981Street Stock
1994Mini Stock
1994Thunder Car