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Laird International Raceway

Other Information
Program Covers
Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Years in Operation: 1999-present

Name History:

Track Configurations:
1/3 mile paved oval


Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1999Factory Stock Brent Palumbo
1999Late Model Rick Leonard
1999Pure Stock Barry Glenn
1999Super Stock Bill Poitras
2000Factory Stock Brent Palumbo
2000Super Late Model Rick Leonard
2000Super Stock Jerry Artuso
2001Factory Stock Jason Praysner
2001Super Late Model Terry McClelland
2001Super Stock Jerry Artuso
2002Factory Stock Parker Brockelbank
2002Late Model Terry McClelland
2002Pure Stock Rary Golladay
2002Stock 4 Corey Diotte
2002Super Stock George Wilson
2003Factory Stock Jason Praysner
2003Late Model Robert Hiiemaa
2003Pure Stock Ray Golladay
2003Stock 4 Paul Beauchamp
2004Factory Stock David Slingsby
2004Late Model Michael Gold
2004Modified Kevin Oicle
2004Pure Stock Joe Addison
2004Stock 4 Mike Savino
2005Factory Stock Steve Kent
2005Late Model George Wilson
2005Modified Jordan Sims
2005Stock 4 Gord Hunt