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Full Throttle Motor Speedway
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Durham, ON


Years in Operation: 1970-present

Name History:
Varney Motor Speedway (?-2011)
Varney Speedway Motorplex (2012-2013)
Full Throttle Motor Speedway (2014-present)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile paved oval

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
19704 Cylinder
19706 Cylinder
19708 Cylinder Ray Spencer
1971Amateur Don Lunn
1971Diamond 6 Cylinder Tom Neil
1971Diamond 8 Cylinder Dan Kochut
1972Charger Keith Bender
1972Diamond 6 Cylinder Don Lunn
1972Diamond 8 Cylinder Hugh Eckerich
1973Super Charger
1975Charger Jim Crummer
1975Limited Late Model Ron Lipskie
1975Stocker Ray Spencer
1975Super Charger Tony Buschlin
1976Mini Stock
1976Powder Puff Brenda Stortz
1976Super Charger
1977Mini Stock
1977Super Charger
1978Mini Stock John Watson
1978Super Stocker Andy Schmidt
1979Limited Late Model Mel Priebe
1979Mini Stock Tom Houghton
1979Powder Puff
1980Limited Late Model Tom Donnelly
1980Mini Stock Tom Houghton
1980Mini Stock
1980Street Stock
1981A-B Stock
1981Late Model Stock Andy Schmidt
1981Mini Stock
1981Powder Puff
1982Mini Stock
1982Street Stock
1983Mini Stock
1983Street Stock A Mark Davidson
1983Street Stock B
1984Mini Stock
1984Street Stock A Barry McTavish
1984Street Stock B
1985Late Model Sportsman "A" Mark Davidson
1985Late Model Sportsman "B"
1985Mini Stock
19864 Cylinder Sportsman
1986Late Model Sportsman "A" Mark Davidson
1986Late Model Sportsman "B" Simon Stolte
1987Challenger Rob Munday
1987Junk Yard Dawgs
1987Late Model Sportsman Andy Schmidt
19884 Cylinder Sportsman
1988Late Model Sportsman Chuck Lawler
1988Street Stock
1989Four Cylinder Sportsman
1989Street Stocker
1989Women on Wheels
1990All Pro Modified Leroy Myiow
1991All Pro Modified Brad Bauman
1991Challenger Gary McLean
1991Street Stock Rob Purcell
1991Women on Wheels Laurie Reid
1992All Pro Modified Tom Wilson
1992Challenger Tim Schmidt
1992Street Stock Scott Steckley
1992Women on Wheels Mandy Bonozew
1993All Pro Modified Brian McLean
1993Pick Up Truck
1993Street Stocker
1993Super Street
1993Women on Wheels
1994All Pro Modified Pete Walker
1994Rookie Street Stock
1994Super Street Stock
1994Trucks and Dukes
1994Women on Wheels
1995All Pro Modified Pete Walker
1995Dukes Todd Fountain
1995Street Stocker Tinus Clemmer
1995Super Street Stocker J. Alvin Ward
1995Women on Wheels Casey Mills
1996All Pro Modified
1996Street Stock
1996Super Street Stock
1996Women on Wheels
19974 Cylinder Stock Dan Foster
1997All Pro Modified Jason McLellan
1997Street Stock Wayne Poole
1997Super Street Stock Darrel Van Dusen
1997Women on Wheels Laurie Young
1998All Pro Modified
1998Stock 4
1998Street Stock
1998Super Street Stock
1998Women on Wheels
1999All Pro Modified Jason McLellan
1999Stock 4
1999Street Stock Scott Way
1999Super Street Stock Monte Kelly
1999Women on Wheels Darlene Bailey
2000All Pro Modified Paul Tolton
2000Challenger Steve Smith
2000Stock 4 Jim Suter
2000Street Stock Gary Atkinson
2000Trains "Way 2 Crazy"
2000Women on Wheels Candi Jarvis
2001All Pro Modified
2001Stock 4
2001Street Stock
2001Women on Wheels
2003All Pro Modified
2003Challenger Bob McCulloch
2003Mini Truck
2003Stock Four
2003Street Stock Gary Atkinson
2003Super Street Stock