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Ghost Tracks - Wallace Speedway
1/3 mile paved oval
Listowel, ON

This is how Wallace Speedway looked in October, 2004.

Wallace Speedway opened as a dirt track in 1969. It was paved part-way through the first year and closed about 1974. The track was run by the Wallace Stock Car Club and usually had about 35 members. The pits were located behind the back straight. Spectators sat on the small hill along the front straight.

The track is located on a farm just west of Listowel. The surface is still in pretty decent shape. Turn 3-4 have been torn up. I'm assuming this is so that no one will
try driving on the track. The land is being used as a cow pasture. I could not get up to the turn 3-4 area because the owner warned me that there was a nasty bull in the field!

If anyone has any more information on Wallace Speedway - photos, programs, points champions, years in use, etc please contact me webmaster@motorsportscentral.com.

Points Champions
Hobby Ken McIlroy
  Late Model Lynn Tucker
Late Model


The entrance to the track from the pits

Looking down the back straight. The pits would have been on the right.

The banking in turn 1-2

Looking down the back straight

Looking across the track from the pit area toward the spectator area (the small hill).

On the outside of turn 1 looking back up the front straight

Midway through turn 1-2

Turn 2 and the back straight

Turn 3-4 have been torn up