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Ghost Tracks - Wasaga Beach Speedway
1/4 mile paved oval
Located on Oxbow Park Road in a Provincial Park in the town of Wasaga Beach

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Tom Standish - B Modified, 1969. Taken from Wheelspin News.

Jim Ingram - Diamond Class, 1968. Taken from Wheelspin News.

Rick Batters - B Modified, 1967. Taken from Wheelspin News.

Track Staff 1970 - Jack Stapleton sent this photo to CanadianRacer.com. Jack and his brother Harry owned the track in 1970. Jack in the back row, 2nd person from the left in white. Beside him is Jim Story and then Harry Stapleton.

John Oldroyd submitted these photos of his father from around 1965 and his "B" Modified class car. John's father was known as the "The One Armed Bandit"
Point Champions (partial)
1964 Ross Howes Late Model
1965 Jack Cook Late Model
1965 Gerry Reevers "B" Modified
1966 Tom Cuzzilla B Class
1966 Norm Lelliott Late Model
1967 Gerry Reevers Diamond
1967 Tom Cuzilla B Class
1968 Rick Batters Diamond
1968 Burt Smith Modified
1969 Doug Sutton Mini
1969 Pete Harvey Modified
1970 Grant Broome 6 Cyl Diamond
1970 Danny Kemp Modified
1970 Sharon Agar Powder Puff