Canadian Race Track Database

Barrie Speedway

Barrie, ON


Years in Operation: 1965-1974; 1976-1997; 1999-2014

Name History:
Barrie Speedway (1965-?)
Twin Cities Speedway
Barrie Speedway Park 2000 (1997)
Motorplex Park (1998)
Barrie Speedway (1999-2014)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile paved oval (1965-2004)
1/3 mile paved tri-oval (2005-2014)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1965B Modified
1965Ladies Joan Howard
1965Late Model Vic Parsons
1966Diamond Garf Peacock
1967Diamond Ken Fralick
1970Late Model Diamond Jim Vitkil
1971Hooligan Robert Stevenson
1971Late Model Diamond Don Wardle
1972Diamond Don Wardle
1972Hooligan Jerry Crawford
1973Hooligan Doug Duncan
1973Limited Late Model Jim Vitkil
19746 Cylinder
1974Limited Late Model John Eacott
1975- No regular racing
1976Late Model Mike Shaughnessy
1976Mini Stock
1977Late Model Don Wardle
1977Mini Stock Jerry Dunlop
1977Street Stock Walter Cook
1978Late Model Don Wardle
1978Mini Stock Garf Peacock
1978Street Stock Ron Tracey
1979Diamond Alan Turner
1979Late Model Herb Erb
1979Mini Stock Garf Peacock
1979Street Stock Ken Cole
19806 Cylinder Street Stock
19808 Cylinder Street Stock Don Jacobson
1980Late Model Mike Shaughnessy
19816 Cylinder
19818 Cylinder Street Stock Barry Sweeney
1981CASCAR Late Model Don Hawn
19826 Cylinder
1982CASCAR Late Model
1982Limited Sportsman
1983Late Model
1983Limited Sportsman
1983Street Stock
1984Late Model Hobby
1984Late Model Sportsman
19856 Cylinder Stocker
1985Late Model Sportsman
1986Challenger Phil Andross
1986Late Model Sportsman
1986Street Stock
1987Late Model Sportsman
1987Street Stock
1988Late Model Sportsman
1988Street Stock
1989Late Model Sportsman
1989Street Stock
1990Challenger Ian Bourque
1990Late Model Sportsman Simon Stolte
1990Street Stock Tim Cotter
1991Late Model Garry Reynolds
1991Sportsman Trent Stultx
1991Street Stock Tim Cotter
1992CASCAR Late Model Mark Dilley
1992Street Stock
1993Street Stock
1994CASCAR Sportsman
1994Street Stock
1995Pure Stock Gord Shepherd
1995Sportsman Brian Malcom
1995Street Stock Kevin Bell
1996Late Model
1996Late Model Sportsman
1996Pure Stock
1996Street Stock
1996Super Truck
1996Women in Action
1997Late Model Sportsman
1997Pure Stock
1997Street Stock Dan Lazin
1998- No regular racing
1999Sportsman Challenger Don Hawn
1999Thunder Car Andrew Cole
2000Sportsman Challenger Glenn Watson
2000Thunder Car Emerson Ward
2001Pure Stock Terry Nitzbon
2001Sportsman Challenger Don Hawn
2001Thunder Car Frank Davey
2002Pure Stock Mike Drossos
2002Sportsman Challenger Glenn Watson
2002Thunder Car Robin Jongen
2003Late Model Steve Quesnelle
2003Pure Stock Kevin Van Voorst
2003Thunder Car Gord Shepherd
2004Late Model John Gaunt
2004Pure Stock Dave Doucette
2004Thunder Car Steve Penny
2005Late Model Tom Walters
2005Pure Stock Brian Murray
2005Thunder Car Frank Davey
2006Late Model John Gaunt
2006Pure Stock
2006Thunder Car
2007Late Model Dwayne Baker
2007Pure Stock
2007Thunder Car
2008Charger Ben Melenhorst
2008Late Model Keith McLeod
2008Pure Stock Brandon Crumbie
2008Thunder Car Frank Davey
2009Late Model Gord Shepherd
2009Pure Stock Ben Melenhorst
2009Thunder Car Darryl St. Onge
2010Late Model Al Inglis
2010Pure Stock William Davies
2010Thunder Car Jim Belesky
2011Late Model Ron Quesnelle
2011Pure Stock Shawn Murray
2011Thunder Car Jim Belesky
2012Late Model Dwayne Baker
2012Pure Stock Charlie Smith
2012Thunder Car Rick Walt
2013Late Model Gord Shepherd
2013Pure Stock Mike Gettliffe
2013Thunder Car Rick Walt