Canadian Race Track Database

Bridge City Speedway

Saskatoon, SK


Years in Operation: 1971-2005

Name History:

Track Configurations:
1/3 mile dirt oval (1972)
1/3 mile paved oval (1972-2005)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1971 Dave Harding
1972Super Stock Mike Gustus
1973Mini Stock Sig Sawatzki
1973Super Stock Bryce Mann
1974Mini Stock
1974Super Stock Wally Eby
1975Street Stock Steve Smith
1975Super Stock Al Bakke
1976Street Stock Robin Wilson
1976Super Stock Garth Hazelhurst
1977Street Stock Kelvin Moore
1977Super Stock Len Carriere
1978Street Stock Kelvin Moore
1978Super Stock Garth Hazelhurst
1979Street Stock Ray Holgate
1979Super Stock Garth Hazelhurst
1980Street Stock Len Peters
1980Super Stock Wally Ebby
1981Street Stock Rob Peters
1981Super Stock Garth Hazelhurst
1982Street Stock John Reiger
1982Super Stock Tun Harms
1983Street Stock Dan Shirley
1983Super Stock Garth Hazelhurst
1984Street Stock Ray Utigard
1984Super Stock Jim Gaunt
1985Street Stock Brian Cummine
1985Super Stock Jim Gaunt
1986Street Stock Wally Ebby
1986Super Stock Jim Gaunt
1986Thunder Stock Barry Stefaniuk
1987Street Stock Peter Horkoff
1987Super Stock Jim Gaunt
1987Thunder Stock Charlie Kirton
1988Street Stock Dave Bone
1988Super Stock Jim Gaunt
1988Thunder Stock Brent Ziprick
1989Street Stock Dave Bone
1989Super Stock Garth Hazelhurst
1989Thunder Stock Trent Seidel
1990Street Stock BJ Wilson
1990Super Stock Dan Shirley
1990Thunder Stock Ken Ross
1991Street Stock BJ Wilson
1991Super Stock Alex Leschenko
1991Thunder Stock Greg Holst
1992Street Stock Joe Ginther
1992Super Stock Dan Shirley
1992Thunder Stock Terry Joubert
1993Street Stock Bill Geirl
1993Super Stock Jim Gaunt
1993Thunder Stock Rusty Martin
1994Street Stock BJ Wilson
1994Super Stock Charlie Kirton
1994Thunder Stock Kevin MacLaggan
1995Street Stock Ken Bone
1995Super Stock Jim Gaunt
1995Thunder Stock Don Pagoda
1996Street Stock Glenn Hertzke & Chris Shirly (tie)
1996Super Stock Jim Gaunt
1996Thunder Stock Willie Kovitch
1997CASCAR Sportsman Ken Bone
1997Street Stock Dan Pearce
1997Super Stock Trent Seidel
1997Thunder Stock Willie Kovitch
1998CASCAR Sportsman Bill Geirl
1998Street Stock Lyndon Stone
1998Super Stock Trent Seidel
1998Thunder Stock Harold Penner
1999CASCAR Sportsman BJ Wilson
1999Street Stock Lyndon Stone
1999Super Stock Trent Seidel
1999Thunder Stock Aaron Anderson
2000CASCAR Sportsman Rusty Martin
2000Street Stock Bryan Johnson
2000Super Stock Jim Gaunt
2000Thunder Stock Kevin MacLaggan
2001CASCAR Sportsman Rusty Martin
2001Street Stock Bryan Johnson
2001Super Stock Dave Bone
2001Thunder Stock Kevin MacLaggan
2002CASCAR Sportsman Chris Shirley
2002Street Stock Bryan Johnson
2002Super Stock Jim Gaunt
2002Thunder Stock Pat Cross
2003CASCAR Sportsman Chris Shirley
2003Street Stock Bryan Johnson
2003Super Stock Jim Gaunt
2003Thunder Stock Barry Stefaniuk
2004CASCAR Sportsman Nathan Weenk
2004Mini Stock Greg Vangool
2004Street Stock Bryan Johnson
2004Super Stock Glenn Hertzke
2004Thunder Stock Barry Stefaniuk
2005CASCAR Sportsman Chris Shirley
2005Mini Stock Frank Vangool
2005Street Stock Bryan Johnson
2005Super Late Model Jim Gaunt
2005Thunder Stock Bill Zubrecki