Canadian Race Track Database

Sutherland Automotive Speedway

Saskatoon, SK


Years in Operation: 2006-present

Name History:
Auto Clearing Motor Speedway (2006-2015)
Wyant Group Raceway (2016-2021)
Sutherland Automotive Speedway (2022-present)

Track Configurations:
1/3 mile paved oval

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
2006CASCAR Sportsman Dan Shirley
2006Mini Stock Frank Vangool / Gregg Vangool
2006Pro Truck Trevor Freemantle
2006Street Stock Bryan Johnson
2006Super Late Model Trent Seidel
2006Thunder Stock Stewart Pearce
2007Pro Truck Mike Dionne
2007Sport Compact Aaron Anderson / Kelly Voss
2007Sportsman Dan Shirley
2007Street Stock Bryan Johnson
2007Super Late Model Glen Hertzke
2007Thunder Stock Sheldon Bradlow / Brent Dupuis
2008Mini Stock Todd Jalbert
2008Pro Truck PJ Kondra
2008Sportsman Dan Shirley
2008Street Stock Cory Kallis
2008Super Late Model Trent Seidel
2008Thunder Stock Rylan Utigard
2009Mini Stock Brennen Forseille
2009Pro Truck Ken Ross
2009Sportsman Dan Shirley
2009Street Stock Scott Lucas
2009Super Late Model Glen Hertzke
2009Thunder Stock Barry Stefaniuk
2010Mini Stock Todd Jalbert
2010Pro Truck Ken Ross
2010Sportsman Nathan Weenk
2010Street Stock Mike Schroeder
2010Super Late Model Greg Vangool
2010Thunder Stock Barry Stefaniuk
2011Mini Stock Dennis Beck
2011Pro Truck Ken Ross
2011Sportsman Ben Busch
2011Street Stock Mike Schroeder
2011Super Late Model Jim Gaunt
2011Thunder Stock Barry Stefaniuk
2012Mini Stock Darnell Schick
2012Pro Truck Scott Lucas
2012Sportsman Nathan Weenk
2012Street Stock Aaron Anderson
2012Super Late Model Trent Seidel
2012Thunder Stock Brent Dupuis
2013Legends Chelsey Wilson
2013Mini Stock Tristan Ransom / Dennis Beck
2013Pro Truck Ken Ross
2013Sportsman Tim Kammer
2013Street Stock Brad Wrennick
2013Super Late Model Trent Seidel
2013Thunder Stock Mike Rea
2014Bandolero Kelsey Toth
2014Legends Blake Erb
2014Mini Stock Robin Boomsma
2014Pro Truck Aaron Deagnon
2014Sportsman Matthew Shirley
2014Street Stock Craig Katelnikoff
2014Super Late Model Dave Bone
2015Bandolero Kelsey Toth
2015Legends Blake Erb
2015Mini Stock Jamie Taryn / Jim Barnsley
2015Pro Truck Kevin Dyck
2015Sportsman Matthew Shirley
2015Street Stock Brennen Forseille
2015Super Late Model Rob Janzen
2016Bandolero Ty Stewart
2016Legends Blake Erb
2016Mini Stock Jim Barnsley
2016Pro Truck Shantel Kalika
2016Sportsman Cale Siemens
2016Street Stock Kurtis Houben
2016Super Late Model Rob Janzen
2017Bandolero Ryley Schneider
2017Legends Blake Erb
2017Mini Stock Cole Nixey
2017Pro Truck Alex Leschenko
2017Sportsman Neil Schneider
2017Street Stock Kurtis Houben
2017Super Late Model Matthew Shirley
2018Bandolero Sam Howlett
2018Legends Blake Erb
2018Mini Stock Cole Nixey
2018Pro Truck Brennan Kirton
2018Sportsman Shantel Kalika
2018Street Stock Scott Barrand
2018Super Late Model Tyler Emond
2019Bandolero Sam Howlett
2019Legends Blake Erb
2019Mini Stock Lachlyn Anderson
2019Pro Truck Aaron Anderson
2019Sportsman Neil Schneider
2019Street Stock Mike Rea
2019Super Late Model Kevin Dyck