Canadian Race Track Database

Brighton Speedway

Brighton, ON


Years in Operation: 1970-present

Name History:

Track Configurations:
1/3 mile clay oval (1970-present)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
19706 Cylinder Doug Davis
19708 Cylinder Gord Langstaff
19716 Cylinder Wayne Foster
19718 Cylinder
1971Mini Stock
19726 Cylinder Sam Dingman
19728 Cylinder
1972Mini Stock
19736 Cylinder Sam Dingman
19738 Cylinder
19746 Cylinder
19746 Cylinder Wayne Foster
19748 Cylinder
19756 Cylinder
19756 Cylinder Ron Herrington
19758 Cylinder
19766 Cylinder
19766 Cylinder Wayne Foster
19768 Cylinder
19776 Cylinder Peter Bontius
19778 Cylinder Ron Horncastle
1977Stock Larry Beatty
19786 Cylinder Doug Davis
19788 Cylinder Danny Reid
1978Late Model Peter Bontius
1978Stock John Kuipers
19796 Cylinder
19798 Cylinder
1979Late Model Danny Reid
1979Street Stock Willard Cormier
19806 Cylinder Street Stock
19808 Cylinder Street Stock Tim Weese
1980Late Model Sam Dingman
1980Super Stock Fred Macklin
1981Late Model Howard Moore
1981Street Stock Larry Beatty
1981Super Stock Greg Anderson
1982Late Model Ron Herrington
1982Street Stock Paul Read
1982Super Stock Kirk Mowat
1983Late Model Ron Herrington
1983Street Stock Mike Freeman
1983Super Stock Kirk Mowat
1984Late Model Ron Herrington
1984Street Stock Leonard Kuipers
1984Super Stock Sam Hazlewood
1985Late Model Pat McEvoy
1985Street Stock Brian Down
1985Super Stock Andy Warbutton
1986Late Model Pat McEvoy
1986Street Stock Steve Mayhew
1986Super Stock Bob Carr
1987Ladies Robyn Dunkley
1987Late Model Pat McEvoy
1987Late Model Sportsman
1987Street Stock Paul Turner
1987Super Stock Greg Anderson
1988Ladies Diane Lemon
1988Late Model Paul Turner
1988Street Stock Mike Cross
1988Super Stock Gord Barrett
1989Ladies Shelly Gregory
1989Late Model Bob Prudhomme
1989Street Stock Brady Kelman
1989Super Stock Jeff Waite
1990Ladies Shelly Gregory
1990Late Model Tom Cormier
1990Street Stock Bob Broad
1990Super Stock Gord Barrett
1991Ladies Barb Beatty
1991Late Model Earl Gregory
1991Street Stock Jeff Jacobs
1991Super Stock Clayton Pederson
1992Ladies Naomi Sabine
1992Late Model Tom Cormier
1992Street Stock Jeff Jacobs
1992Super Stock Clayton Pederson
1993Ladies Cindy Gregory
1993Late Model Jeff Walte
1993Street Stock Mike Rabbe
1993Super Stock Clayton Pederson
1994Ladies Cindy Gregory
1994Late Model Mark Rayner
1994Street Stock Ed Snyder
1994Super Stock / Sportsman? Clayton Pederson
1995Late Model Mark Rayner
1995Street Stock Wayne Wadforth
1995Super Stock / Sportsman? Clayton Pederson
1995Women on Wheels Kim Dunkley
1996Late Model Jeff Mosco
1996Sportsman John Calnan
1996Street Stock Wayne Wadforth
1996Women on Wheels Cindy Turner
1997Late Model Paul Turner
1997Sportsman John Calnan
1997Street Stock Wayne Dunkley
1997Women on Wheels Cindy Turner
1998Comp 4 Paul Read, Sr
1998Late Model Fred Linde
1998Sportsman John Calnan
1998Street Stock Greg Hale
1999Comp 4 Dan Ferguson
1999Late Model Fred Linde
1999Sportsman Steve Peake
1999Street Stock Todd John
2000Canadian Modified
2000Comp 4 Phil Coles
2000Late Model Jeff Mosco
2000Street Stock Cindy Gregory
2001Bomber Tim Burke
2001Comp 4 Phil Coles
2001Modified / Late Model Tim Bradley
2001Street Stock Mark Rinaldi
2002Canadian Modified Danny Reid
2002Comp 4 Phil Coles
2002Novice Larry Kenney
2002Pro Stock Rob Perry
2003Canadian Modified Lee Sandercock
2003Comp 4 Phil Coles
2003Novice Scott Reid
2003Pro Stock Chris Taylor
2004Canadian Modified Dan Ferguson
2004Comp 4 Caley Weese
2004Novice Tim Kerr
2004Pro Stock Grant Fitzpatrick
2005Canadian Modified Tim Bradley
2005Comp 4 Jason McCrory
2005Novice Andrew Hennessy
2005Pro Stock Ronnie Wadforth
2006Canadian Modified Shawn Gregory
2006Comp 4 Justin Ramsey
2006Pro Stock Ronnie Wadforth
2006Pure Stock Greg Peake
2007Canadian Modified
2007Comp 4
2007Pro Stock
2007Pure Stock
2008Canadian Modified
2008Comp 4
2008Pro Stock
2008Pure Stock Phil Potts
2009Canadian Modified
2009Comp 4
2009Pro Stock Doug Anderson
2009Pure Stock
2010Canadian Modified
2010Late Model Charlie Sandercock
2010Pro Stock Doug Anderson
2011Canadian Modified Dan Ferguson
2011Comp 4 Warren Mowat
2011Late Model Greg Belyea
2011Pro Stock Doug Anderson
2012Canadian Modified Dan Ferguson
2012Comp 4 Justin Ramsey
2012Late Model Corey Earl
2012Pro Stock Doug Anderson
2012Stinger Del MacGregor
2013Canadian Modified Ryan Scott
2013Comp 4 Tom Vance
2013Late Model Charlie Sandercock
2013Pro Stock Doug Anderson
2013Stinger Del MacGregor
2014Canadian Modified Ryan Scott
2014Comp 4 Rich Sanders
2014Late Model Charlie Sandercock
2014Pro Stock Doug Anderson
2014Stinger Del MacGregor
2015Canadian Modified Andrew Hennessy
2015Comp 4 Shelby Mills
2015Junior Stinger Megan Golden
2015Late Model Charlie Sandercock
2015Pro Stock Justin Ramsey
2015Super Stinger Andy Flieler
2016Canadian Modified Andrew Hennessy
2016Comp 4 Tyler French
2016Late Model Phil Potts
2016Pro Stock Justin Ramsey
2016Super Stinger Del MacGregor
2017Canadian Modified Andrew Hennessy
2017Comp 4 Adam Flieler
2017Junior Stinger Joel Dempster
2017Late Model Charlie Sandercock
2017Pro Stock Doug Anderson
2017Super Stinger Brittany Golden
2018Canadian Modified Andrew Hennessy
2018Comp 4 Tyler French
2018Junior Stinger Brock Gregory
2018Late Model Charlie Sandercock
2018Senior Stinger Jordan Pickell
2018Thunder Stock Wade Purchase
2019Canadian Modified Andrew Hennessy
2019Comp 4 Devon Kippen
2019Junior Stinger
2019Late Model Charlie Sandercock
2019Mini Stock Matthew Moore
2019Senior Stinger Jordan Pickell
2019Thunder Stock Wade Purchase
2020Canadian Modified None named due to COVID pandemic
2020Comp 4 None named due to COVID pandemic
2020Late Model None named due to COVID pandemic
2020Mini Stock None named due to COVID pandemic
2020Stinger None named due to COVID pandemic
2020Thunder Stock None named due to COVID pandemic
2021Canadian Modified Shawn Gregory
2021Comp 4 Devon Kippen
2021Late Model Charlie Sandercock
2021Mini Stock Cole Abrams
2021Stinger Carter Rhodes
2021Thunder Stock Justin Ramsey