Canadian Race Track Database

Emo Speedway

Fort Frances, ON


Years in Operation: 1954-1959; 1964-1976; 1981-Present

Name History:

Track Configurations:
3/8 mile clay oval

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1967 Larry Kennedy
1968 George Oltsher
1969 Mike Andrusco
1970 George Oltsher
1971Hobby Stock Borden Beeler
1971Late Model Larry Long
1972 George Oltsher
1972Hobby Stock Don Potter
1973 Al Weir
1973Hobby Stock Roy Korpi
1974No points
1986Modified Dan Rea
1986Street Stock Harold "Beaker" Duivenvoorden
1987Modified Gary Wilson
1987Street Stock Tyler Wilson
1988Modified Mark Rea
1988Street Stock Dwayne "Stubby" DeGagne
1989Modified Dwayne Pihulak
1989Street Stock Rudy Anderson
1990Modified Chuck Aprin
1990Street Stock Rudy Anderson
1991Modified Chuck Aprin
1991Street Stock John Hettinga
1992Modified Mark Rea
1992Street Stock John Hettinga
1992Thunder Stock Scott Gobeil / Don May
1993Modified Kelly Steele
1993Street Stock Colin Johnson
1993Thunder Stock Scott Gobeil
1994Mini Sprints ?
1994Modified Mark Rea
1994Street Stock Colin Johnson
1994Thunder Stock Dale Faragher
1995Mini Sprints ?
1995Modified Greg Ferris
1995Street Stock Wade Kennedy
1995Thunder Stock Ron Westover
1996Mini Sprints ?
1996Modified Ricky Roche
1996Street Stock Colin Johnson
1997Mini Sprints ?
1997Modified Ricky Roche
1997Street Stock Don Wilson
1998Mini-Sprints Ken Perry
1998Modified Ricky Roche
1998Street Stock Ron Westover
1999Mini Sprints ?
1999Mini-Sprints ?
1999Modified Steve Arpin
1999Street Stock Gary Mintinen, Jr
2000Mini-Sprints ?
2000Modified Mark Davis
2000Street Stock Mark Kangas
2001Mini-Sprints Ken Perry, Jr
2001Modified Steve Srpin
2001Street Stock Jake Hassbargen
2002Mini-Sprints Kyle Ridlon
2002Modified Gavin Paull
2002Street Stock Ron Westover
2003Mini-Sprints Ken Parry
2003Modified Victor Larson
2003Street Stock Ron Westover
2004B Mod Anthony Visser
2004Midwest Modified Anthony Visser
2004Mini-Sprints Ken Perry
2004Modified Victor Larson
2004Street Stock John Hettinga
2005B Mod John Hettinga
2005Midwest Modified John Hettinga
2005Modified Jamie Davis
2005Street Stock Gary Grimes
2006B Mod Kendal Gambsy