Canadian Race Track Database

Humberstone Speedway

Port Colborne, ON


Years in Operation: 1958-2003; 2005-present

Name History:
Humberstone International Speedway (1957-90)
Gasport International Speedway (1991-2003)
Humberstone Speedway (2005-present)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile dirt oval (1957-68)
1/3 mile dirt oval (1969-1983)
3/8 mile clay oval (1984-present)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1960A Class Harold Sonnenberg
1961A Class Harold Sonnenberg
1961Limited Sportsman Glen Simons
1962A Class Harold Sonnenberg
1962Limited Sportsman J. Hilliker
1963A Class Harold Sonnenberg
1963Limited Sportsman Jack Erskine
1964Limited Sportsman Bill Sheldon
1964Modifieds Ted Renshaw
1965Limited Sportsman Bob St. Amand
1965Modifieds Hugh Tripp
1966Limited Sportsman Harold Sonnenberg
1966Modifieds Chuck Boos
1967Limited Sportsman Bob St. Amand
1967Modifieds Lloyd Holt
1968Limited Sportsman Bob St. Amand
1968Modifieds Jeno Begolo
1969Late Model Bob Webster
1969Limited Sportsman Harold Sonnenberg
1969Modifieds Stan Friesen
1970Late Model Larry Eberly
1970Limited Sportsman Harold Sonnenberg
1970Modifieds Ivan Little
1971Late Model Don Shirton
1971Limited Sportsman Bruce Parkes
1971Modifieds Mike Zajac
1972Late Model Doug Barlow
1972Limited Sportsman Jim Ferri
1973Late Model Don McGinnis
1973Limited Sportsman Bruce Parkes
1974Late Model Carl Game
1974Limited Sportsman Harold Sonnenberg
1975Bombers Rick Moreash
1975Late Model Don McGinnis
1975Limited Sportsman Harold Sonnenberg
1975Mini-Stocks Harry Vanderzanden
1976Bombers Wayne Tucker
1976Limited Sportsman Harold Sonnenberg
1976Mini-Stocks Charlie Beale
1976Modifieds Wayne Ashton
1977Bombers Mike Saunders
1977Limited Sportsman Finnie MaCinnis
1977Mini-Stocks Charlie Beale
1977Modifieds Bruce Parkes/Pete Bicknell
1978Bombers Mike Saunders
1978Limited Sportsman Bruce Parkes
1978Mini-Stocks Larry Benjamin
1978Modifieds Pete Bicknell
1979Bombers Wayne Tucker
1979Limited Sportsman Al Wagner
1979Mini-Stocks Dave Vanderzanden
1979Modifieds Pete Bicknell
1980Bombers Wayne Tucker
1980Limited Sportsman Al Wagner
1980Mini-Stocks Bill Dominey
1980Modifieds Pete Bicknell
1981Bombers Kevin Baker
1981Limited Sportsman Al Wagner
1981Mini-Stocks Dave Vanderzanden
1981Modifieds Pete Bicknell
1982Bombers Carl Saunders
1982Limited Sportsman Andy Imbeault
1982Mini-Stocks Bill Dominey
1982Modifieds Brian Stevens
1983Bombers Kevin Baker
1983Limited Sportsman Jim Ruston
1983Mini-Stocks Dick Smith
1983Modifieds Jim Begolo
1984Bombers Glen Baker
1984Limited Sportsman Mark Sylvies
1984Mini-Stocks Bill Dominey
1984Modifieds Pete Bicknell
1985Bombers Ward Williams
1985Limited Sportsman Jim Ruston
1985Modifieds Pete Bicknell
1986Bombers Chris Ricker
1986Limited Sportsman Andy Imbeault
1986Modifieds Harvey Hainer
1986Sportsman Wayne Lawes
1987Bombers Larry Eggleton
1987Limited Sportsman Conrad Baker
1987Modifieds Brian Stevens
1987Sportsman Terry St. Amand
1988Bombers Ward Williams
1988Modifieds Pete Bicknell
1988Sportsman Terry St. Amand
1988Street Stocks Norm Lee
1989Pro Stocks Wayne Howard
1989Sportsman Denis Veilette
1990Pro Stocks Steve Devos
1990Sportsman Mark Anastasi
1990Street Stocks Rob Collison
1991Mod Stocks Robert Baker
1991Pro Stocks Randy Hollingshead
1991Sportsman Billy Willard Jr.
1991Street Stocks Dave Mamo
1992Mod Stocks Robert Baker
1992Pro Stocks Garry Moreash
1992Sportsman Don Martin
1992Street Stocks Daryl Havil
1993Mod Stocks Dave Mamo
1993Pro Stocks Garry Moreash
1993Sportsman Don Martin
1993Street Stocks Shane Martel
1994Mod Stocks Adam Ferri
1994Pro Stocks Martin Polhill
1994Sportsman Don Martin
1994Street Stocks Shane Martel
1995Mod Stocks Brian Page
1995Pro Stocks Bill Bleich
1995Pure Stocks Dave Plyley
1995Sportsman Billy Willard Jr.
1995Street Stocks Shane Martel
1996Mod Stocks Mark Edwards
1996Pro Stocks Ron Reece
1996Pure Stocks Dave Plyley
1996Sportsman Cliff Warner
1996Street Stocks Shane Martel
1997Mod Stocks Jeff Legget
1997Pro Stocks Ken Sargent
1997Pure Stocks Jim Hetherton
1997Sportsman Fred Carleton
1997Street Stocks Daryl Havil
1998Mod Stocks Mark Edwards/Rich Ferri
1998Pro Stocks Ken Sargent
1998Pure Stocks Lloyd Cichocki
1998Sportsman Rob Pietz
1998Street Stocks Darrel Ebersole
1999Mini-Stocks Brian Lawrie
1999Mod Stocks Adam Ferri
1999Pro Stocks Ken Sargent
1999Sportsman Greg Panunte
1999Street Stocks Adam Ferri
2000Mini-Stocks Jamie Gilbert
2000Mod Stocks Alec Whalen
2000Pro Stocks Darrel Ebersole
2000Sportsman Rob Pietz
2000Street Stocks Chris Crawford
2001Mini-Stocks Norm Mark
2001Modifieds Pete Bicknell
2001Pro Stocks Ken Sargent
2001Sportsman Rob Pietz
2001Street Stocks Mark Loveland
2002Micro Sprints Jim Lafler
2002Mini-Stocks Rob Wagner
2002Pro Stocks Roger Chrysler
2002Sportsman Rob Pietz
2002Street Stocks Mark Loveland
2003Micro Sprints Jim Lafler
2003Mini-Stocks Norm Mark
2003Sportsman Greg Panunte
2003Street Stocks Alex Morris