Canadian Race Track Database

Mosport Speedway

Mosport, ON


Years in Operation: 1989-2013

Name History:
Mosport Ascot North (1989)
Mosport International Speedway (1989-1997)
Mosport Speedway (1998-2013)

Track Configurations:
1/2 mile clay oval (1989)
1/2 mile paved oval (1989-2013)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1990Late Model Sportsman Brian Bassett
1990OSCAAR Late Model Al Thomson
1990Street Stock Rod Marshall
1991Late Model Tom Milligan
1991Sportsman Daryl Leatherdale
1991Street Stock Bob Franks
1992Late Model Randy Slack
1992Street Stock Andy Warbutton
1992Thunder Car Royce Jones
1993Late Model Rod Sauder
1993Street Stock Dwight Brown
1993Thunder Car Doug Todham
1994ACT Late Model / Super Late Model Dwight Brown
1994Late Model Sportsman Daryl Leatherdale
1994Street Stock Andy Warbutton
1994Thunder Car Dwayne Glasbergen
1995Late Model Sportsman Mike Horton
1995Open Wheel Modified Graham Brown
1995Street Stock Graham Brown
1995Super Late Model Jeff Hanley
1995Thunder Car Ken Donaldson
1996Late Model Sportsman Jeff Hanley
1996Open Wheel Modified Jim Rossiter
1996Street Stock Derek Henderson
1996Thunder Car Ken Donaldson
1997Late Model Jeff Hanley
1997Open Wheel Modified Ken Donaldson
1997Street Stock Andy Warbutton
1997Thunder Car Dan Robinson / Nick Sinopoli
1998Late Model Ian Bourque
1998Open Wheel Modified Graham Brown
1998Street Stock Steve Knab
1998Thunder Car Les Stanley
1999Challenger Steve Knab
1999Late Model Brad Corcoran
1999Open Wheel Modified Darrin Wrigglesworth
1999Thunder Car Kyle Donaldson
2000Challenger Mike Poulton
2000Late Model Brad Corcoran
2000Open Wheel Modified Dwight Brown
2000Thunder Car Terry Shaw
2001Challenger Rino Montanari
2001Late Model Al Inglis
2001Open Wheel Modified Darrin Wrigglesworth
2001Thunder Car Jim Blundell
2002Challenger Kyle Donaldson
2002Late Model Ian Bourque
2002Open Wheel Modified Dwight Brown
2002Thunder Car Don Coppins
2003Challenger Kyle Donaldson / Steve Knabb
2003Late Model Kyle Donaldson
2003Open Wheel Modified Dwight Brown
2003Thunder Car Gabe Scimone
2004Challenger Mark Gordon
2004Late Model Kelly Balson
2004Open Wheel Modified Darren Kearnan
2004Thunder Car John Baker, Jr
20056 or Less Ken Magson
2005Limited Late Model Mark Gordon
2005Open Wheel Modified Dwight Brown
2005Thunder Car Ryan Kimball
20066 or Less Peter Monig
2006Limited Late Model Mark Gordon
2006Open Wheel Modified Dwight Brown
2006Thunder Car John Baker, Jr
20076 or Less Tony Lepizzera / Jeff Scott
2007Limited Late Model Todd Delisle
2007Open Wheel Modified Jim Rossiter
2007Thunder Car Brad Stevenson
20086 or Less
2008Late Model
2008Open Wheel Modified
2008Thunder Car
20096 or Less Jeff Scott
2009Late Model Dan Kimmerly
2009Open Wheel Modified Jim Rossiter
2009Sportsman Bill Northam
20106 or Less Kevin Pickford
2010Late Model Jim Rossiter
2010Sportsman Brad Stevenson
2011Late Model
2011Pure Stock
2012Late Model
2012Pure Stock
2013Late Model
2013Pure Stock