Canadian Race Track Database

Ohsweken Speedway

Ohsweken, ON


Years in Operation: 1996-present

Name History:

Track Configurations:
3/8 mile clay oval

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
19964 Cyl Mini Stock Mike Giberson
1996Mod Stock Dan Vanmill
1996Pro Stock Jack Cassell
1996Street Stock Roger Bealieu
19974 Cyl Mini Stock Mike Cove
1997Mod Stock Tony Royston
1997Pro Stock Jack Cassell
1997Sportsman Modified Fred Carleton
1997Street Stock Ben Anger
19984 Cylinder Jim Swing
1998Pro Mod Tony Royston
1998Sportsman Modified Tammy Willard
1998Street Stock Ben Anger
19994 Cylinder Jim Swing
1999Pro Mod Ken Hildreth
1999Sportsman Modified Fred Carleton
1999Street Stock Mike Styres
2000Mini Stock Kelly Hallett
2000Sportsman Greg Panunte
2000Street Stock Jim McDonald
2001Mini Stock Kelly Hallett
2001Sportsman Boyd McTavish
2001Street Stock Amy MacDonald
2002Mini Stock Jim Swing
2002Sportsman Rob Pietz
2002Street Stock Dave Vogt
2003Mini Stock Robbie Rounce
2003Sportsman Wayne Conn
2003Street Stock Dallas Biederman
2004Mini Stock Doug Erskine
2004Sportsman Jay Mallory
2004Street Stock Jeff Burke
2005Mini Stock Rick Emberson
2005Sportsman Jay Mallory
2005Street Stock Jeff Burke
2006Mini Stock Dan Erskine
2006Sportsman Rob Pratt
2006Thunder Stock AJ Lewis
2007Mini Stock Abel Castelein
2007Sportsman Nick Capulo
2007Thunder Stock Brad Bacher
2008360 Sprint Car Keith Dempster
2008Fun Stock Lee Hils
2008Mini Stock Abel Castelein
2008Thunder Stock Cody McPherson
2009360 Sprint Car Tom Happunen
2009Bomber Karl Sault
2009Mini Stock Mitch Brown
2009Thunder Stock Shayne Pierce
2010360 Sprint Car Dave Dykstra
2010Bomber Karl Sault
2010Mini Stock Trevor Goulding
2010Thunder Stock Jamie Cox
2011360 Sprint Car Jim Happunen
2011Bomber Rodney Rutherford
2011Mini Stock Karl Sault
2011Thunder Stock Mike Thorne
2012360 Sprint Car Chris Steele
2012Bomber Davey Boughton
2012Mini Stock Karl Sault
2012Thunder Stock Mike Thorne
2013360 Sprint Car Jim Happunen
2013Bomber Dusty DeBoer
2013Mini Stock Davey Boughton
2013Thunder Stock Lee Winger
2014360 Sprint Car Glenn Styres
2014Bomber Dusty DeBoer
2014Crate Sprint Car Ryan Hunsinger
2014Mini Stock Tyler Lafantaisie
2014Thunder Stock Dave Silverthorn Jr
2015360 Sprint Car Glenn Styres
2015Bomber Dusty DeBoer
2015Crate Sprint Car Dylan Westbrook
2015Mini Stock Brandon Janssens
2015Thunder Stock Dave Bailey
2016360 Sprint Car Mitch Brown
2016Bomber Dustin Longboat
2016Crate Sprint Car Jesse McDonald
2016Mini Stock Brandon Janssens
2016Thunder Stock Dave Bailey
2017360 Sprint Car Dylan Westbrook
2017Bomber Lucas Smith
2017Crate Sprint Car Holly Porter
2017Mini Stock Mark Bazuin
2017Thunder Stock Dave Bailey
2018360 Sprint Car Dylan Westbrook
2018Crate Sprint Car Shone Evans
2018Mini Stock Matt Nuell
2018Thunder Stock Dave Bailey
2019360 Sprint Car Dylan Westbrook
2019602 Crate Sprints Nick Sheridan
2019Mini Stock Dusty DeBoer
2019Thunder Stock Dave Bailey
2020No racing due to COVID pandemic
2021No racing due to COVID pandemic