Canadian Race Track Database

Sauble Speedway

Sauble Beach, ON


Years in Operation: 1969-present

Name History:

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile dirt oval (1969-1970)
1/4 mile paved oval (1971-present)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1969Late Model
1970Late Model
19716 Cylinder
1971V8 Stock
1972Stock Modified
1973Limited Late Model Mike Shaughnessy
1974Limited Late Model
1975Charger Lorne Schmidt
1975Diamond Ron Lipskie
1975Super Charger Andy Schmidt
1976Stocker Ron Lipskie
1976Super Charger Andy Schmidt
1977Stocker Lorne Schmidt
1977Super Charger Andy Schmidt
1978Late Model Don Wardle
1978Mini Stock Harold McKay
1978Stocker Lorne Scmidt
1978Super Stock Andy Schmidt
1979Limited Late Model
1979Mini Stock
1979Street Stock
1980Late Model
1980Mini Stock
1980Street Stock
1981CASCAR Late Model Bill Snowden
1981Mini Stock
1981Street Stock Andy Schmidt
1982Late Model
1982Mini Stock
1982Street Stock
1983Mini Stock Leroy Myiow
1983Stocker Andy Schmidt & Ken McIlroy
1984Mini Stock
1984Street Stock
1985Late Model Sportsman
1985Mini Stock
1986Late Model Sportsman
1986Mini Stock
1987Late Model Sportsman
1987Mini Stock
1988Late Model Sportsman Ron Lipskie
1988Mini Stock
19894 Cylinder Sportsman
1989Late Model Sportsman
1989Street Stock
1990Challenger Lorne Fletcher, Sr / Ken McNichol (tie)
1990Late Model Sportsman Pat Schmidt
1990Mod 4 Scott Hutchinson
1990Street Stock Shawn Lawrence / Ed West (tie)
1991Challenger Gerry Wheaton
1991Late Model Ron Lipskie
1991Modified 4 Cylinder Scott Givens
1991Street Stock Steve Wilkins
1992All Pro Modified Dan Lawler
1992Late Model Chuck Lawler
1992Mod 4
1992Street Stock
1993Challenger Paul Tooke
1993Late Model Chuck Lawler
1993Mod 4 Leroy Myiow
1993Street Stock Ritchie Moore
1994Challenger Paul Tooke
1994Late Model Ron Lipskie
1994Mod 4 Jim Roth
1994Street Stock Brian Torrie
1995All Pro Modified Rob Purcell
1995Challenger Kevin Curry
1995Late Model Andy Schmidt
1995Mod 4 Gary Jones
1995Street Stock Scott Field
1996All Pro Modified Rob Purcell
1996Challenger Kevin Curry
1996Late Model Glenn Schnurr
1996Street Stock Ed Almand
1997All Pro Modified Rob Purcell
1997Challenger Paul Tooke
1997Late Model Andy Schmidt
1997Street Stock Dan Wright
1998Challenger Blake Thomson
1998Jr Late Model 13 HP Michael Almand
1998Jr Late Model, 9 HP Joe Chisholm, Jr
1998Late Model Tim Ellis
1998Pro Stock Shawn Cook
1998Pure Stock Jason Parker
1999Challenger Vern Monk
1999Jr Late Model 13 HP Darren Warren
1999Jr Late Model, 9 HP Derek Russell
1999Late Model Tim Schmidt
1999Pro Stock Todd Davenport
1999Pure Stock Trevor Witzke
2000ALSTAR Late Model Home Series Gerry Wheaton
2000Challenger Paul Tooke
2000Jr Late Model 13 HP Craig Kamrath
2000Jr Late Model, 9 HP Derek Russell
2000Pro Stock Tom Gibbons
2000Pure Stock Matt McKenzie
2001ALSTAR Late Model Home Series Rob MacDonnell
2001Challenger Paul Tooke
2001Jr Late Model 13 HP Craig Kamrath
2001Jr Late Model, 9 HP Derek Russell
2001Pro Stock Shawn Cook
2001Pure Stock Rob Brown
2002ALSTAR Late Model Home Series Tyler Williams
2002Challenger Michael Almand
2002Jr Late Model, 13 HP Rob Brown
2002Jr Late Model, 9 HP Derek Russell
2002Pro Stock Dan Wright
2002Pure Stock Paul Gresel
2003ALSTAR Late Model Home Series Tyler Williams
2003Challenger Tim Schreinart
2003Jr Late Model, 13 HP Rob Brown
2003Jr Late Model, 9 HP Sean Stobbe
2003Pro Stock Todd Davenport
2003Pure Stock Peter Koevoet
2004ALSTAR Late Model Home Series Tim Ellis
2004Challenger Jason Parker
2004Jr Late Model, 13 HP Paul Spitzig
2004Jr Late Model, 9 HP Brett Shular
2004Pro Stock Brad Schmidt
2004Pure Stock Paul Aberdein
2005Jr Late Model, 13 HP Steve Stobbe
2005Jr Late Model, 9 HP Kevin Lewko
2005Limited Late Model Tim Schreinert
2005Pro Stock Dan Wright
2005Pure Stock Steve Mole
20064 Cylinder Bruce Beaucock
2006Limited Late Model Tim Schreinert
2006Pro Stock Scott McTeer
2006Pure Stock AJ Aberdein
20074 Cylinder Bruce Beaucock
2007Limited Late Model Dan Wright
2007Thunder Car Scott McTeer
2019Bone Stock Nick Hamill
2019Jr Late Model Cole Burrows
2019NASCAR Pro Late Model Cayden Lapcevich
2019Super Stock Kenny Grub
2020 No champs due to the COVID-19 pandemic