Canadian Race Track Database

Sunset Speedway

Stroud, ON


Years in Operation: 1968-present

Name History:
Sunset Speedway (1968-1976)
New Sunset Speedway (1977-1981)
Shakell´s Sunset Speedway (1982-?)
Sunset Speedway (?-present)

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile paved oval (1968-1970)
1/3 mile paved oval (1971-present)

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1968Diamond Rick Batters
1968Hobby Russ Padget
19696 Cylinder
19706 Cylinder
1970Late Model
19716 Cylinder Al Boyd
1971Late Model Doug Warnes
19726 Cylinder
1972Late Model Doug Warnes
19736 Cylinder
1973Late Model
1974Late Model
1974Super Stock
1975Mini Stox Garf Peakcock
1977Late Model Tom Milligan
1978Late Model Tom Milligan
1978Street Stock
1978Thunder Car (Figure 8)
1979Street Stock
1979Super Late Model Tom Milligan
1979Thunder Car
1980Late Model Sportsman Tom Milligan
1980Street Stock
1981Late Model Sportsman Tom Milligan
1981Street Stock
1982Late Model Tom Milligan
1982Street Stock
1982Super Street Stock
1983Late Model Tom Milligan
1983Street Stock
1983Super Street Stock
1984Late Model
1984Super Street Stock
1985Late Model
1985Super Street Stock John Connolly
1986Late Model
1986Super Street Stock Rick Farnes
1987Late Model
1987Super Street Stock Rod Tooley
1988Late Model
1988Super Street Stock Rick Farnes
1989Late Model
1989Super Street Stock Rod Tooley
1990Late Model Tom Walters
1990Late Model Sportsman
1990Street Stock
1991Late Model Tom Walters
1991Street Stock Ed Beatty
1991Thunder Car Phil Lamoureux
1992Challenger Ed Beatty
1992Late Model Tom Walters
1992Thunder Car Malcom Leslie
1993Challenger Derrick Tiemersma
1993Late Model Tom Walters
1993Thunder Car Paul Allard
1994Challenger Malcom Leslie
1994Late Model Tom Walters
1994Thunder Car Steve Tiemersma
1995Challenger Steve Tiemersma
1995Late Model Tom Walters
1995Thunder Car Phil Lamoureux
1996Challenger Steve Tiemersma
1996Late Model Tom Walters
1996Thunder Car John Gamble
1997Challenger Tim Sutcliffe
1997Late Model Tom Walters
1997Thunder Car Joe Whittaker
1998Challenger Chris Morrow
1998Late Model Tom Walters
1998Thunder Car Steve Book
1999Challenger Chris Morrow
1999Late Model Dave Bartlett
1999Thunder Car Rick Watson
2000Challenger Chris Morrow
2000Late Model Tom Walters
2000Thunder Car Kyle Donaldson
2001Challenger Chris Morrow
2001Late Model Todd Campbell
2001Thunder Car Mark Zacchigna
20024 Cylinder Herb Walters
2002Challenger Chris Morrow
2002Late Model Tom Walters
2002Thunder Car Paul Maltese
20034 Cylinder Jim Carter
2003Sunset Late Model Chris Morrow
2003Thunder Car Frank Davey
20044 Cylinder Jeff Slaughter
2004Four Fun Harold Noseworthy
2004Sunset Late Model Ken Bemrose
2004Thunder Car Rob Poole
20054 Cylinder Colt Carcone
2005Four Fun Colin Wagg
2005Sunset Late Model Ron Quesnelle
2005Thunder Car Rob Poole
2011Late Model Kevin Cornelius
2011Mini Stock Nicole Poderwills
2011Super Stock Lane Zardo
2012Late Model Tom Walters
2012Mini Stock Eric Yorke
2012Super Stock Randy Russell
2013Late Model
2013Mini Stock
2013Super Stock
2014Late Model
2014Mini Stock Brandon McFerran
2014Super Stock
2015Late Model Taylor Holdaway
2015Mini Stock Doug Butler
2015Super Stock
2016Late Model Gord Shepherd
2016Mini Stock
2016Super Stock Matt Bentley
2017Late Model Gord Shepherd
2017Mini Stock Cameron McGlashan
2017Super Late Model Glenn Watson
2017Super Stock Jordan Howse
2018Bone Stock Kyle Neumeister
2018Late Model Gord Shepherd
2018Mini Stock Cameron McGlashan
2018Super Stock Kris Lawrence
2019Bone Stock Joe Dunlop
2019Late Model Rick Spencer-Walt
2019Mini Stock Tyler Seaboyer
2019Super Stock Frank Davey
2020No regular racing due to COVID-19 pandemic
2021Bone Stock Matt Boyes
2021Jr Late Model Kyle Parker
2021Limited Late Model Rick Spencer-Walt
2021Mini Stock Josh Bullen
2021Pro Late Model Jordan Howse
2021Super Stock Brandon Passer